Almares has its doors opened waiting for you.

Posted in: 26/02/2021

Everything is ready for you to come and live in Portugal. Almares, which was born from
the recovery and construction of two buildings, located at Rua do Almada and Rua do
Alferez Malheiro, in the city of Porto, has just been delivered and is already awaiting its
arrival. The owners are already taking advantage of the property for a new life
experience, or traditional rental for tourists. The city of Porto confirms that it is safe
and full of opportunities.

The residential of Promoter Cabrália preserves the characteristics of the charming classic architecture of the region, bringing essential innovations for a more comfortable life. With 14 high standard apartments, type T1, Almares has a lift, air conditioning structure, equipped kitchens and various solutions that make life much more practical,
without, however, losing the charm of cultural tradition.

Almares is right in the Historic Center of Porto, from where it is easy to go anywhere on foot or by public transport, not to mention that the region is already an attraction in itself. To give you an idea, Rua do Almada was the first major road to be opened, in 1761, outside the Fernandine Walls. Known as the street of hardware stores, electrical
supplies and rubber stores, Rua do Almada has reinvented itself and is now trending for its shops, hotels and restaurants.

There, modernity arrived with new shops and services, but also through the reinvention of spaces that in the past attracted many people to Rua do Almada. The historic Cinema Trindade, for example, reopened 17 years later, offering the city a daily schedule, an alternative to commercial circuits. And the plays come from the Mala
Voadora company, which maintains its show room at this address. A great choice for those who want to enjoy Portuguese culture, as a real resident!