Why should you invest in a property in Portugal?

Posted in: 17/09/2020

Portugal has been for some time an outstanding destination for investments in Europe. There are many factors contributing to this, such as booming tourism, political and social stability, safety, quality of life, good international relations and a real estate market in constant growth. 


One of the factors that boosted the Portuguese real estate market is the dedication by the government of the country to develop the sector, promoting tax incentives for non-residents. The Golden Visa is a good example: by purchasing properties in some cities, non-residents may obtain the citizenship, which attracts much foreign capital.


Another factor that makes Portugal a good country where to invest is that entrepreneurship is easy. According to a World Bank report, Portugal is on the list of the easiest places to trade internationally and start a business. It takes, on average, only 2.5 days to start a new business in the country. 


One of the cities that have been playing an essential role in attracting investment to Portugal is famous Porto. The appreciation of a new property in Porto is on an average of 28%, since 2016. As for investments, studios and 1-bedroom apartments, the number reaches 24%, better catering tourists. 


If your goal is to invest in a property for rent, Porto is a very attractive destination. The demand in the region is in constant growth and this opens many doors to investors. 


In this scenario, Varandas da Vitória emerges as the ideal housing development. Located in Porto’s Historic Center, it has apartments from 40m2, in Type T1 and T2 floor plans. For more convenience when renting, the kitchen and bathrooms are delivered with all the fittings. All this in a privileged region, with a unique view. Find more information at https://www.cabraliaimoveis.com/varandas